For the general info of Bahumat-Plant not allied with evil, see Bahumat-Plant info . How he looks like:

Bahumat-plant (incomplete) (stage 2)

His appearance

This plant is almost overpowered. He's basically a plant version of Gargantuar and each has a Repeater on his back.

In this Role-play, this Bahumat-plant has turned evil (Thanks to this user) and decided to destory the world! (Sorry Zomboss. You're not as powerful as him. Even your zombot is nothing to him.) To be more exact, he's almost as powerful as the Plant-bot. I really need your help to curb him.

Can you and your fellow plants stop him before it is too late?

People going to beat this bahumat-plant



Palm Tree




Winter Melon


Round 1! Fight

Hp of bahumat: 1000/1000

Hp of Cyprind65: 250/250

Hp of Snow Pea: 250/250

Hp of Winter Melon: 3500/3500

(Under construction)