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Deceased Entity Deceased Entity 31 December 2020


haha, regardez, les gars, regardez, c'est ma plus grande réussite: wario land 4, sur le game boy avance, HAHA! et quelqu'un se souvient-il du garçon virtua? cool, Coolio.

  • 1 Vetus fuit godzilla circumsiliens modo; Tokyo civitatem ludere a magnus qualis humus.
    • 1.1 Godzilla si è incazzato e ha iniziato ad attaccare. Ma non mi aspettavo di essere bloccato da shaq, che ha proceduto ad aprire una lattina di shaq fu. Quando Aaron cater è venuto fuori dal nulla.
  • 2 Er nahm einen AK-47 unter seinem Hut hervor und blies Batman mit einem weg "rat-a-tat-tat". Ihm gingen die Kugeln aus und er rannte weg, weil Optimus Prime kam, um den Tag zu retten.
    • 2.1 Me transactions, do not open!!!1!

Als plötzlich Batman aus dem Schatten platzte und Godzilla mit einer Fleder…

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Milkzap Milkzap 2 April 2019


I am someone from pvzu. That is all you need to know.

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Jack10097 Jack10097 31 December 2017

Nice to meet you

Hello neighbors my name is jack thers not much to say about me but i focus on heavy defences 

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Peashooterman3 Peashooterman3 9 April 2017


hi im new here

can i be accept pl0x

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DragonFruitShell DragonFruitShell 30 January 2017


This is DragonFruit. He is a Defense, and Offense plant.Obviously my drawing skills suck, so this will have to be one of my only PvZ OC's on here. I only have two, really.

Anyway, back to DragonFruit. Once you plant him, he opens and shoots fireballs at zombies. If they get too close, he closes up and defends the plants behind him. He costs 225 sun, he has a medium recharge, has the toughness of an Infi-Nut, and the damage of a Fire-Peashooter.

And since PvZ normally has a bio for every plant they have, I gave him one too.

This plant likes to scare others with a wide supply of masks he keeps in his shell-like home. "I find pleasure in hearing everyone else's screams." Says Dragonfruit. "It's what I do. Let's just hope you don't have any heart…

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WhitePeashooter WhitePeashooter 19 November 2016

Non-Boot leg plants Ideas


Fav Food:Candy

Like:Plants Food,Peashooters,Plants


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SeriousGranade SeriousGranade 7 June 2016

Pain and suffering...

I cannot describe how bad I'm feeling right now.

I already had a bad day today, not to mention problems in my house, after all I'm still living in poverty. But this day... It just ruined me completly. Not only that one of my games just decided to murder me, just for the sudoku, I unintentionally hit myself in the gut with the back of the chair, but also to add more salt to injury I had to make it through more pain in the chat... I'm not gonna tell what exactly happened though, everyone knows this anyway.

Since all of this and the fact everyone already hates me I start to question myself if it's worth to go through more pain here, or no. I still have a rope hanging on in the back of my room after all, eventually I will make a use of it, maybe…

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Professor Tiyak Professor Tiyak 27 May 2016

RV's Upcoming Spinoff


(poorly made logo :>)


I have decided, that I should make a spinoff for Red Vortex: New Deinland. I called this one... wait for it...


  • 1 Genre/Plot
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Denkruduck (main)
    • 2.2 Lando
    • 2.3 Galapagos
    • 2.4 Stoutda
    • 2.5 Tad
    • 2.6 Unknown Elite
  • 3 Some gallery

To describe this genre, this will be plotted to actually be a sitcom, or some comedy. Whatever that bullsh*t is...

Its plot is specifically about a rivalry between 5 titans, and 1 strange alien with the blue armor and all of that. So yeah...

As in it, I might describe each of their personalities. Just remember/imagine that we're all different.

The main character of Fruit, Denkruduck is a pretty self-accomplished titan with multiple goals sent out by his professional…

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LunarExplosion LunarExplosion 11 May 2016

Picture Needed

I need a picture of my character, Carrot-pult. I don't care where or how you get it, but I need one. I'll give credit. You can shop it, for all I care. Actually, Photoshopping it is recommended, because I need it to look like something in the game. I swear, I would draw a picture, but I suck at drawing and any drawings I make are crap.

Thank you,


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Fairy27 Fairy27 16 April 2016

Into the Premium Seed Packet Attempts

Fairy27 here, and I'm doing this because boredom. I decided to use the Premium Seed Packet only, for plants to be in there. Yes, only the Premium one...

Ask permission. Requests will be done soon.

So far, no one requested for a plant in its seed packet.

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MegaVile:ARobotofJustice MegaVile:ARobotofJustice 14 April 2016

MV for Chat mod

I met the requirements. 500 edits, 125 MS edits... Been active. Not chatbanned in 2 weeks... Etc, i dont want forum mod though... So what do you think??

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The Maverick Hunter The Maverick Hunter 9 April 2016

The Redesign and New costume plants by Le Song Huy80765 in PvZCC

And Coming Soon

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The Maverick Hunter The Maverick Hunter 8 April 2016

User: Le Song Huy80765/Upcoming Roleplay

This my upcoming roleplay

This is a sequel a roleplay: The Battle Through Time and Dimesions.

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MegaVile:ARobotofJustice MegaVile:ARobotofJustice 1 April 2016

The Question is now here

A new question arises since Reap is not into the wikia anymore.... and even if it is an april fools joke... he can't just break our hearts like that...When the question is resolved and/or we find out it is/not an april fools joke... I will close this thing down...

Now the Main questionS are...

  • As we all know, if reap is leaving, his manager stats are decaying, so we need a new manager to this wiki, I know this sounds silly and may never work, but I think I should be the one... we need to save PVZ:U Invasion, right? Don't let the main rp of this wiki and came SO far go down... Without reap and that rp... this wikia slowly dies down until nobody comes.... Leave a comment on who to elect manager...

Since this month is my birthday I elect me to …

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Jasper the Quartz Gem Jasper the Quartz Gem 20 March 2016

Can i make characters of the same kind?

What i mean, like since i know there is already a Perfume Shroom character on the wiki, and someone already has made a character of a Scaredy-Shroom and one of a Jalapeno, can i use the same plant but for my own character is what i am asking? If anyone could PLEASE answer me, i really want to know so i can get a character started? Or else i am leaving this wiki already

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Jasper the Quartz Gem Jasper the Quartz Gem 20 March 2016

plant characters that are availible

Since i am new to this wiki, i wanted to ask the staff and people, what plants are there that haven't been owned by anyone yet? I want to have a few characters of ones i like, but i need to know what characters that haven't been used yet. If anybody can, write comments telling all of the plants that are open to use, i was about to start one of Grave Buster, someone said he wasn't used yet, but when i went to edit the page... someone deleted him. Can ANYONE tell me ALL the characters that haven't been used yet? Post them in the comments plz. The ones i want to use that i don't know if they are used yet are: Grave Buster, Goop-Shroom, Bamboo Shoot, Squash, Coffee Bean, Tile Turnip, and Jack o Lantern.

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Fairy27 Fairy27 20 March 2016

Windy Continent's info

Fairy27 here, and I'm going to put the info about my state, Windy Continent, in a blog.

The Windy Continent is located in Flusion. It contains colored and strong winds. These winds are very common. Windy Continent does not encounter hot seasons.

  • 1 Inhabitants
  • 2 Aerial gears for non-aerial plants
    • 2.1 Sky Goggles
  • 3 Subplaces
    • 3.1 Confirmation Path
    • 3.2 Skyline Clouds
    • 3.3 Mushroom Grasslands
    • 3.4 Neon Park
    • 3.5 Crystalline Lake
  • 4 Gallery

Majority of the inhabitants are aerial plants and zombies.

Jet Pot Jet Pots are aerial gears for non-aerial plants to fly around the Skyline Clouds. They work like Flower Pots but can fly.

Sky Goggles are aerial gears for non-aerial plants to feel the power of the wind. When wearing, one can interact the wind.

Windy Continent has 5 subplac…

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Wikia-Critic Wikia-Critic 16 March 2016

King of the Hill AMA


(note:w-c is not into vore unlike his joke character king of the hills)

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MegaVile:ARobotofJustice MegaVile:ARobotofJustice 3 March 2016

Ask the Time Manipulaters

Feel free to ask any questions to the Time Manipulating team!

The only ones that can be asked are/consists of:(CURRENTLY) Boot-leg Cold Snapdragon , Portal Planto , Boot-leg Portal Planto , Boot-leg Primal Pea , Boot-leg Cactus, Boot-leg Electric Blueberry, Boot-leg Teleplum, Boot-leg Shrinking Violet, and Boot-leg Agave!


1.Do NOT write huge questions. Or else they will be ignored/deleted

2.Nobody else other than MegaVile2004 is allowed to moderate this , so any type of rank (except reap) is not allowed to change the rules here.

3. Have Fun asking questions!

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CitronFire3 CitronFire3 22 February 2016

Take Back Our Shadows

Take Back Our Shadows is a new "book" I'm writing up.

The Citronus Flamus Isles are in grave danger once they discover an old threat returns to take the Isles as his own, but the Citronus Flamus Isles aren't the only place in danger, but even the Shadowlands, the place where the Shadow Plants reign. The Shadow Plants must team up to stop the threat from destroying their isles, and the Citronus Flamus Isles.

The sun felt hot on the roots of Moonflower. It was a beautiful day out, unusual for the Citronus Flamus Isles. Many plants were in groups, talking to each other. Moonflower rooted her way towards the Stream of Glistening Water, but there was no water. It must be the heat, but could water fade that easily on a warm day? Especially a strea…

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Carp The Fish Carp The Fish 14 February 2016

kiss me


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ColdHam14 ColdHam14 14 February 2016

Valentine's Gifts

Up from Feb 14-16. Just say you want to unbox a gift. You would get three different items.

  • 1 Items Available
    • 1.1 Riding Heart 2016
    • 1.2 S-OP4 Joining Credit
    • 1.3 Mango-pult 
    • 1.4 Freeze-Shroom
    • 1.5 A billion dollar
    • 1.6 The hearts gun
    • 1.7 Official Valentine's Kit

The 2016 edition of the Riding Heart. This heart looks like the one in the wordmark. Climb it, then you can attack using hearts, or just use it for travelling in the air! Chance: 75%

Not really related to Valentine's, but you can earn an S-OP4 passport now! This gives you the potential to enter the S-OP4 base peacefully. Chance: 50%

You can now use Mango-pult for free! One of the oldest characters in the wiki and the eighth fanon one. Chance: 15%

As it was deleted by myself for being a stub, it's now avai…

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Professor Tiyak Professor Tiyak 14 February 2016



By the way, the Valentine's RP goes from February 14-23. So I decided to do a MAJOR shop for it.

Let's do this sh*t.

  • 1 Currencies
    • 1.1 1st currency
    • 1.2 2nd currency
  • 2 Stores
    • 2.1 Store
      • 2.1.1 Cyclops OC
        • Clothing
      • 2.1.2 Cupidflower OC
        • Clothing
    • 2.2 Store
      • 2.2.1 Avatars
        • BAD SIDE

These purple coins were called Patchies. They can be used to buy clothing, accessories, and abilities, for either a Cyclops OC or a Cupidflower OC. They can be earned from a random chocolate box rewarded in the end of an RP session. The chocolate boxes can be only sent out to players who participated. If anyone kills the Melbourne/Nitromian Cyclops, the more they earn and the rarity boast goes up. All players start with 50 each.

These pink, piñata-shaped coins were calle…

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Alexis natanael luna Alexis natanael luna 29 January 2016

plants vs zombies :zombis masive atack

  • 1 zombies
  • 2 player house
  • 3 acient egipt
  • 4 pirate island
  • 5 the wild west
  • 6 the future

basic zombie
conehead zombie
buckethead zombie
flag zombie
covered zombie
pole vaulting zombie
football zombie
classic zombot
mummy zombie conehead mummy buckethead mummy flag mummy zombie ra zombie camel zombies
egiptain counselor zombie
alubis zombie
faraon zombie
​imp mummy
faraon gargantiar
piramid extreme zombot
pirate zombie pirate conehead pirate buckethead pirate flag zombie imp pirate rudder zombie cabin boy pirate tash can pirate canon imp parrot zombie davy jones zombie zombot pirate ship

cowboy zombie cowboy conehead cowboy buckethead cowboy flag zombie gold haunter zombie farmer zombie kichen zombie kichen love zombie poncho zombie pianist zombie cawboy imp…

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Etiznuk Etiznuk 13 January 2016


Okay so like I just wanna make this clear that I'm not new, I never was in this account and never will be : P

Since it gets annoying to explain to everyone the fact that I had another old lame account. I just did. I'm not planning on doing so later though~! BYE:P 


Q:Will you say who you are?

A: Nope

Q: I won't tell anyone

A: Anyone else wouldn't either

Q:Wait ppl said this before and you didn't tell them that and now you'd make it into an Q&A cuz you think this respone is better

A: ye pretty much

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MegaVile:ARobotofJustice MegaVile:ARobotofJustice 10 January 2016


$15,000,000 TOTAL

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Reapeageddon Reapeageddon 7 January 2016

Inactive until January 14 or 15

I'm sorry guys. My exams are coming up and my brother is keeping an eye on me on making sure I won't use the internet for "playing." I'll see you on the flip side!

Edit: I will make.minor edits through Secretly 

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CitronFire3 CitronFire3 5 January 2016

BBQ Corn's Page Test

Made by: CF3

BBQ Corn is Citron's plant. BBQ Corn's fire rapid firing flaming corn kernels in the air that land on zombies. They do small damage but he fires six at once. He is a premium plant.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Powers
  • 4 Plant Food ability
  • 5 Friends
  • 6 Hobbies
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 Almanac
  • 9 Gallery

BBQ Corn is an orange corn cob with black burnt leaves. He has two corn cobs point in the air where he shoots the flaming corn kernels.

BBQ Corn gets gets angry easily and usually gets mad at plants if they do something wrong. Hes very determined to win against the zombies and doesn't want anything to stand in the way of their victory. BBQ Corn is a variant of Kernel Corn from Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, but is a premium plant in Plants VS Zombies 2…

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CitronFire3 CitronFire3 4 January 2016

Electro Citron test page

Made by: CF3

Electro Citron is Citron's plant. Electro Citron can shoot electric bolts that travel to other zombies. You can tap and hold down Electro Citron to charge up a more powerful electricity bolt. This ability is called Electro Charger. Electro Citron is a premium plant.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Powers
  • 4 Plant Food ability
  • 5 Friends
  • 6 Hobbies
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 Almanac
  • 9 Gallery

A regular Citron but is a bunch of dark and navy blues and also has a cyan outline. Electro Citron also has a type of dark dark blue armor. He also has a black laser gun on the right of him that is cyan where the electricity bolts come out.

Electro Citron is focused, determined and all around cool orange. Being from the future, Electro Citron often will talk about how it is…

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CitronFire3 CitronFire3 4 January 2016

Yeti Chomper page

Made by: CF3

Yeti Chomper is Citron's plant. Yeti Chomper shoots snowballs at zombies and also eats zombies when they get close to him. He is unlocked on Viking Age, Day 28, but only in custom. Yeti Chomper is also playable in Plants VS. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, as a Chomper class.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Powers
  • 4 Plant Food ability
  • 5 Friends
  • 6 Hobbies
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 Almanac
  • 9 Gallery

Yeti Chomper has "ram" horns with yeti fur on his leaves, head and pretty much everywhere. It also has blue lips and some of his leaves are also blue. Yeti Chomper looks the same in PVZ2 as custom, and in Garden Warfare 2. He looks the same in every game.

Yeti Chomper is a fierce, hungry and quite chilly plant. He is rumored to be related to Cold Snapdragon, Snapdragon…

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Reapeageddon Reapeageddon 31 December 2015

PvZ Universe: Invasion's Best Roleplayers of the Seasons!

Heya! This blog page is pretty much like a PvZU Hall of Fame! Here are to the best Roleplayers of each season, aside from me.

  • 1 Winners
    • 1.1 Season 1 Universal Award of Boot-dom
    • 1.2 Season 2 Univesral Award of Humanity!
    • 1.3 Season 3 Universal Award of Squidly Inkaloos
    • 1.4 Season 4 Universal Award of Magic

goes to......

NO ONE! Congrats, to nobody since I never noticed how good they are!

goes to......

SnowCreamImplosive! The best Season 2 RPer! I noticed him the most in the RP, and even did epic stuff there (Don't you think about it).

goes to......

Chillpeashooter! Thanks Stacy!

is still to be announced. Please wait till Season 4 ends!

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Reapeageddon Reapeageddon 30 December 2015

End of the Year folks!

It's the end of 2015 guys, like, this is literally the last day of 2015 actually. Hope you enjoy 2016. Okay, maybe not always, as there are New Years, there will be New Tears. It's okay. Heh... Enjoy the next 365 days in PvZRP!

Anyways, Puffy has made a 2016 celebrationl and I don't know when since Philippines and America has different timezones!

Heya! You can see this to see Puffy's New Year Celebration!

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CitronFire3 CitronFire3 23 December 2015

Testing Moonflower page so It's prepared for the 31st

Made by: CF3

Moonflower is Citron's plant. She can radiate a glow that powers up adjacent Shadow plants (Nightshade and Shadow-shroom)

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Powers
  • 4 Plant Food ability
  • 5 Friends
  • 6 Hobbies
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 Gallery

A green flower (sometimes blue) with green leaves (sometimes purple) with a blue "hat" where sun is produced. (sometimes purple)

Shes friendly, and excitable, but also very wise.

Moonflower's radiate a glow that powers up adjacent Shadow plants (Nightshade and Shadow-shroom)

Gives 25 sun but also gains a shield.

  • Other flowers
  • Nightshade
  • Starshine
  • Shadow-shroom
  • Flowerfire

  • Boosting Shadow Plants
  • Being awake at night
  • Playing with her wand.

  • She has her own wand.

  • "Powered!"
  • "Heres some sun!"
  • "Powers from the Darkness within!"

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Devon108 Devon108 22 December 2015


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CitronFire3 CitronFire3 22 December 2015

Plants up for adoption!

I've been coming to think of how many plants I own so I'm gonna give some away! Say in the comments below which ones you want.

Bandit Cactus (Taken by Puffy)

Brainy Nut

Briar the Pink Mushroom

Carrocket Launcher

Chameleon (Taken by PT)

Coconut Rocket Launcher

Cole the Banana Launcher

Creepy Jalapeno (Taken by Puffy)

Dandelion (Taken by IYNH)

Diamond Stabber

Durian Spiker


Fast Bean

Fire Flower


Flamzen Pea

Foxkale the Hurrikale (Taken by Puffy)

Hot Potato Triplets

Jasmin the Sun Shroom

Jason the Leaf


Lord Bamboo (Taken by Ernesto)

Magic Cirrus

Manzu the Laser Bean

Myles the Snow Pea (Taken by Devon)

Noah the Blover (Taken by Devon)


Party Pea

Polar Pear

Potato Pult

Shine the Raytheon Grass


Sushi the Guacodile (Taken by Shroomstagra…

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PuffyMuffins PuffyMuffins 18 December 2015

~Feastivus 2015 Presents~

These are the presents for the Feastivus 2015 event!

  • 1 The Active Gift of Joy -  Opened
  • 2 The Editor Gift of the Article - Opened
  • 3 The Updated Gift of the Blogger - Opened
  • 4 Roleplaying Gift of the Present - Opened
  • 5 The Portrait Gift of the Gallery - Opened
  • 6 The Spooky Gift of Halloween - Opened
  • 7 The Killer Gift of the Murderer - Opened
  • 8 The Gift of Fun and Games - Opened
  • 9 The Gl101tched Gift of the Vy101ruzz - Opened
  • 10 The Golden Gift of the Master Roleplays - Opened
  • 11 The Fireplace Gift of Christmas Time - Opened
  • 12 The Icy Gift of Christmas Chill - Opened

You seem to be recently active.

Release Date : 12/17/15

Awarded to :

  • PuffyMuffins
  • Hypno1337
  • ErnestoAM
  • Insert Your Name Here
  • Rx2MikeyWIKIA
  • Chillpeashooter
  • Wikia-Critic
  • The M.E.O.W. King
  • The Zombie O.O

To get this gi…

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PuffyMuffins PuffyMuffins 5 November 2015

Minecraft Server

Say hello to Minecraft!

For anyone who has Minecraft, I have just created a Minecraft Server for our wiki!

Server IP :

My username is YandereKitten by the way, if any confusion arises.

Now, there are a few plugins on this server, so if you want a specific plugin then ask me.

Server Version : 1.8.8

So join today! Rules from here still apply!

Note : If you want to be an OP (Admin) then ask me and I may approve. Otherwise, have fun.

  • No Greifing - Will result in a ban.
  • No Spamming - Will result in a kick/ban
  • No Abusing - Will result in a demotion (on server)/ban
  • Have Fun - Will result in a good time ;3

Also, keep in mind that we are building a PvZRP Sky City, so help if possible.

As always, Stay Fresh~

- PuffyMuffins (Manager)

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PuffyMuffins PuffyMuffins 5 November 2015

Quick Update for Chat

Due to some kind of Wikia bug, my chat update has ceased to take effect.

Don't worry though! It will soon be up and running when possible!

To explain the update, here is a list of things :

  • Stylesheet Changer - Change your chat to be one of various themes
  • Quick Access - Quickly access important wiki pages
  • Chathacks - Change a few minor things about chat while getting cool options to do way more

That's really it, so stay tune for when it takes effect.

Stay Fresh~

- PuffyMuffins (Manager)

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Pvzfan717 Pvzfan717 24 October 2015

need help with my oc

hey guys! so anyways i was trying to make my own plant but its kinda complex to me by the way i never done this before so of you could teach me that would really help me! :3

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Hypno1337 Hypno1337 30 September 2015

What Have I Made At This Point?

My first real attempt at using Flash to make a thing... Erm... Have fun berating my failed attempts at making anything worthwile... *curls up in the corner* I'll get better eventually... right..?

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Ma Ma 23 September 2015

List of Worlds from Plants vs Zombies 2

  1. Ancient Egypt
  2. Pirate Seas
  3. Wild West
  4. Far Future
  5. Dark Ages
  6. Big Wave Beach
  7. Frostbite Caves
  8. Lost City
  9. Neon Mixtape Tour
  10. Mesozoic Marsh
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Ma Ma 21 September 2015

I'm Blocked

Oh no I'm blocked!

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RandomzSunfish23901 RandomzSunfish23901 20 September 2015


Anyone who wants me to go on chat because it's dead, message me!

(Ya'll don't hate me for being inactive, do ya?) XD

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ColdHam14 ColdHam14 10 August 2015

6k edits

w0000000t 6k 6k 6k 6k

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ItzXenos ItzXenos 10 August 2015

RP: The Curse of The Tomb/Sign-Ups

Greetings to those who Follow this Blog I shall be working on a Special Roleplay.

Many Years after Andrews Death, None has dared to see thy tomb of Andrew,As thy say ones who Visits,One Thy vanish.

Until Recently,A Group Of Friends are Determined to Solve the Biggest mystery of all;The Curse of Andrew's Tomb.

Ask to Sign up with your Character!

20 Spaces


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744442 744442 28 July 2015

PvZ2 update error

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Reapeageddon Reapeageddon 9 July 2015

Reap's Reserves

Blog for Reap's reserved characters

  • 1 Strawburst
    • 1.1 Personalities
      • 1.1.1 Millie
      • 1.1.2 Smith
      • 1.1.3 Veeto

Strawburst is an upcoming chracter in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He can shoot explosive seeds that can malfuction machines and make zombies stick when in contact. Strawburst has a Multiple Personality Disorder which can change Strawburst's persona and can be triggered by different actions.

Due to the fact that Strawburst has Multiple Personality Disorder, here are the following personalities, which are nicknamed by him.


AJ is one of Strawburst's personalities. His main personality is being a cranky old man. He is triggered when Strawburst goes through frustrastion

Millie is one of Strawburst's personalities, with his main personality being a female athlete…

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Epicness123 Epicness123 5 July 2015


jsut coming to say hi

sorry if this is considered spam

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MaxGames123 MaxGames123 3 July 2015

My Characters!

Hey there dudes, these are my Characters.

Twin Shroom=

Twin shroom is- as you guessed by its name- a twin. The bottom twin was born five minutes earlier than his evil twin brother. They always argue between what to do and often get nowhere without arguing with each other.

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ColdHam14 ColdHam14 1 July 2015



I'm not a fan of 60s/70s music really.. but xD 

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