Bloomerang is the second plant owned by The Magic Star.


Her vs. Zombies

She is mostly scared of them and shoots her boomerangs quickly at them. She slices them quickly and they mostly die.

Her vs. Plants

She doesn't hurt a lot of plants, since she is very shy. But her boomerangs have a lot of damage to plants.


Javelin Thrower

She uses her boomerangs as the javelin. She only does this when no one is around.


She sings beautifully. Her neighbors hear her sing. This is one of her favorite hobbies.


She makes sweaters and shirts and asks her friends to sell it for her.


She is very shy. She doesn't mostly go outside. She thinks that the outside world is dangerous. But she talks to her friends to the phone. She is not shy when near Cyprind.


Loom-shroom- She and her are friends. They love to call each other. They are both shy and love knitting. 


She doesn't have any yet because she is shy and doesn't go outside a lot.