Boot-leg Snow Pea is a failed clone that Snow Pea made. Even though he was made by Snow Pea's Clone Machine 2000, he still considers himself "boot-leg." He looks like the Snow Pea from the first game and knows every single one of Snow pea's tactics. Unlike the real Snow Pea, Boot-leg Snow Pea has a blue crack in his ice. He also has red eyes that can temporarily turn into his non Boot-leg counterpart's. He is the only Boot-leg who wants to team up with other Boot-legs. He is also the only Boot-leg to have a crush, being Boot-leg Flaming Pea.


  • Him, Boot-leg Flaming Pea, and Boot-leg Blover are the rulers of the Boot-legs.
  • He and Boot-leg Torchwood are the only Boot-legs to hate another Boot-leg.
  • He hates Boot-leg Torchwood and Boot-leg Torchwwod hates him.

Boot-leg Snow pea

Boot-leg Snow Pea, Snow Pea's evil twin.

After His Creation

The following quotes come directly after Boot-leg Snow Pea's Creation:

Snow pea: Okay, clone #666, follow the other clones.

Boot-leg Snow Pea: No.

Snow Pea: Please, this is important.

Boot-leg Snow Pea: I said no.

Snow pea: Well, this one is disobedient. *writes something down*

Boot-leg Snow Pea: I am INDEPENDENT!!! *escapes*

Snow pea: Get back here, clone #666!

Boot-leg Snow Pea: That is not me... I am... BOOT-LEG SNOW PEA!!!

Reapeageddon's version of Boot-leg Snow Pea. Also used in chat

Snow Pea: We need the rest of the plants, ASAP!

Boot-leg Snow Pea: Try all you want, you'll never catch me!!!


"The Boot-legs shall rule!"

"Oh, I'm so scared."

"You're kidding, right?"


Technically, Snow Pea is his father.

The other Boot-legs don't count because they are from the Booter, while he was made by Snow pea.