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Don't come any closer unless you want to be charmed.




Plant, Mushroom


Can damage zombies in the three tiles ahead of it and sometimes hypnotizes them.


None, Fanmade


Homeowner Crazy Dave, Penny, Plant Food, Plants,


Boot-legs, The Booters, Zombies, Dr. Zomboss



Made by: CF3

Charm is Citron's plant. Charm is very different then most Perfume-shroom's. Most Perfume-shroom's cannot attack and do damage unlike Charm. Charm can spray a mist of love in the three tiles ahead of him that will do damage, and also sometimes hypnotize the zombie its attacking. Charm is a character in PvZ: Infection and PvZ Universe: Invasion


Charm is a pink mushroom with a magenta cap that has hearts on it. On his cap, Charm has a hat that is green and blue that is backwards. Charm is one of the costumes that Perfume-shroom wears.


Charm is a very chill and cool mushroom. He enjoys hanging out with his friends such as Shade Flower, Bloomberry and Violetage. Sometimes, Charm can be quiet and mysterious and is not seen very much. Some plants have questioned his loyalties to the plant team, though he says hes 100% with them and will never go to the evil side.


Unlike other Perfume-shroom's, Charm can spray the mist of love three tiles ahead of him which will do damage and sometimes hypnotize the zombie. This ability is also seen on Perfume-shroom in Plants VS. Zombies: Dimension Suspension.

Plant Food ability

When Charm uses his plant food effect, he will spray his mist all down his lane and hypnotize every his lane. Charm's plant food is very good and can help against bad zombies.


As mentioned above, Charm is very good friends with Shade Flower, Bloomberry and Violetage which leads up to the story of PvZ: Infection where they discover an evil infection going around which can infect plants and make them go crazy. Charm gets infected during the RP along with Shade Flower and Violetage, but manages to get rid of it when him, Shade Flower and the team defeat Phoenix Nightmare. It is unknown if Charm has any more friends.


Charm is a very adventurous plant, signalling that he enjoys going on adventures, and exploring the PvZ Universe. Charm tends to come across many evil zombies and other bad guys but can easily defeat them. Charm also enjoys hanging out with his friends, Shade Flower, Bloomberry and Violetage.




  • "Don't come any closer unless you want to be charmed!"
  • "BAM! Hypnotized! I warned you! I FRIGGIN WARNED YOU!!"
  • "Imagine...Plants are infected by this infection... Whats happening?"
  • "What's causing this infection?"