Dusk Lobber
Dusk Lobber2
The buds are dusks.


Cactus type of plant


Before: Desert, Now: Shadowlands


Lobs explosive buds.


Other shadow plants

Dusk Lobber is Fairy27's plant. Dusk Lobber is from Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. She can lob explosive buds that do splash damage. When powered by Moonflower, as she is a shadow plant, Dusk Lobber will be able to lob the explosive buds in three lanes instead of one. She was originally owned by CitronFire3.


Dusk Lobber is a cactus type of plant. The buds are her projectiles.


Dusk Lobber trains herself to master her lobbing moves. Like Rose, she hates being disturbed. She likes the shadow plants and wants to be powered.


Dusk Lobber was part of a desert, buut she later hate it because it is too dry for her and she needs water. When she encountered Moonflower, she feels like she is a shadow plant.


Dusk Lobber lobs buds that specializes splash damage. This deals 5 damage in direct hit, but deals 12 damage as her splash damage. When powered, she lobs buds in three lanes.

Plant Food

Dusk Lobber throws large buds to 4 random places on screen, doing 70 damage total.


Dusk Lobber allies with any shadow plants. She also allies with Rose due to having a bit similar personalities. She lobs buds at herself as a test of endurance.

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  • Dusk Lobber may complain of Nightshade being the only male shadow plant, but this fact isn't true.
  • Dusk Lobber's buds are made of dusk.
  • Dusk Lobber was one of the plants Fairy27 wanted to own, the others being Moonflower, Rotobaga, and Gold Bloom. This is until the original owner, CitronFire3 left.
    • Moonflower and Gold Bloom were already owned by MegaVile2004, while Fairy27 manages to own Rotobaga.


  • "You're going down with my buds!"
  • "Why worry? I train myself so hard to never miss at this time!"