Lightning Pea
Lightning Pea2
Lightning Stikes!




Plant, Peashooter


Shoots electricity peas that do splash damage, but gets weaker overtime.


None, Fanmade


Homeowner, Crazy Dave, Penny, Plant Food, Plants,


Boot-legs, The Booters, Zombies, Dr. Zomboss



Made by: CF3

Lightning Pea is Citron's plant. Lightning Pea is from no specific game. Lightning Pea can shoot electricity pea's that can do extra splash damage, but Lightning Pea will get weaker overtime and will loose it's lightning bolts. If it fires a pea, it can be tapped to automatically make the pea explode into electricity.


Lightning Pea is a aqua blue peashooter with white eyes and no pupils. It has four electric bolts at the back of his head. When it gets weaker, he is a bright yellow peashooter with white eyes and no pupils but only has one electric bolt.


Lightning Pea's can shoot electric peas that do extra splash damage and can do tons of damage overtime. The only downside of Lightning Pea is that it gets weaker and weaker overtime until it has one electric bolt. As it continuously looses the bolts, it will begin to attack slower and do less damage. When a electric pea is shot, Lightning Pea can be tapped to make the pea explode early.

Plant Food

When Lightning Pea is fed with plant food, he will create a giant electric pea that will stay on the lawn for 30 seconds and will damage any zombies or enemy that gets near it with powerful electricity! After 30 seconds, it will explode and cause every zombie to be stunned.


Lightning Pea is the quiet type. He doesn't come out of his castle quite often. Lightning Pea works at the castle of Grand Corn which is called "The Castle of Electrical Corn", which is named after Grand Corn and Lightning Pea himself. Lightning Pea enjoy's working and learning new things.


Lightning Pea has a job, which is the co-owner of Grand Corn's Castle of Electrical Corn. He usually has much stuff to do and is always busy. Sometimes if hes very very busy and stressed out, Caulicrusher will come in to help him out, whom is their protective and caring servant. Lightning Pea enjoy's learning new problems to figure out, and he sometimes trains himself better then he currently is.


Lightning Pea is friends with only a few plants, as he usually stays in his castle and is a busy worker. Lightning Pea is obviously great friends with Grand Corn and Caulicrusher. Lightning Pea truly appreciates Caulicrusher's hard work and usually doesn't ask him for much. Lightning Pea is also great friends with Electro Pea, as they are both electricity related and they always train together.


  • "Lightning Strikes!"
  • "Electricity comes from clouds, and me."


  • Hes a Co-owner of a castle owned by his friend, Grand Corn.
  • He will get weakened the more he attacks.