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PlantWood High Series is a roleplay produced in the chat starring the users DeathZombi, PvzFanatic, DragonFruit21 (retired or inactive) and IdemSplix. However, we can add one more user to the roleplay.  PlantWood High also has a spin-off series, the PW High Summers! And each season has a special movie at the end.


Its 9th grade for Snow Pea and his friends. But when a new student joins, what happens next?

Episode Lists

Season 1 (9th grade)

* Episode 1: New Starts 

  Plantwood High gets notice about a new student joining 

Date of Production- TBA

Main Characters


Snow Pea- The smartest male plant who is one of the members of the Gang.

Flaming Pea- Snow Pea's boyfriend, she is also a friend among the gang.


Power Lily (DeathZombi's character)- The smartest female plant who ties along with Snow Pea, she is shy but kind and also likes Snow Pea 

Sunflower- She is Power Lily's bestfriend who cares about fashion

Sweet Pea- Another friend, she is a bit overly energetic and emotional at times

Beeshooter- Sweet Pea's boyfriend, he is a bit too serious but also thoughful and solitary


Carp- One of the members of the gang, his friend is snow pea, has a crush on Flaming pea.

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Secondary Characters

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Minor Characters

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PlantWood High Seasons

Season 1 (9th grade) : The Beginnings *The start of the saga*

Season 3 (10 grade) : Settling In to New Times *Second Year of school with new changes with the program*

Season 5 (11th grade) Merging Reality with Fiction *Uh-oh! PW's rival school, Garden's School for Created Creature's High shuts down because of fund lacks, which means unknown plants and zombies must transfer to PlantWood. New friends, enemies and adventures will be made with this back to back chaos* (unconfirmed)

Season 7 (12th grade Part 1) The Start of the End *The final year approaches, which means everything must count. Some plants drastically change and slight screw ups can determine their fate if they make it to the finish or end in failure. What happens* (unconfirmed)

Season 8 (12th Grade Part 2) Cherishing the last months *The final weeks make the plants insecure as pressure mounts up. One plant even disinegrates in pressure. Will the last weeks be easy or just a downward spiral journal?* (unconfirmed)

Summer Season Seasons