Snapdragon is an insane plant who can be overpowering but has some limitations. He is an expert spy. He is a tank, having a tough scaly head and a choice between a machine-gun-like attack of mini fireballs or a RPG-like fireball. However, he is clumsy and slightly forgetful. He also acts almost drunk when he wakes up. Finally, he is impossible to not detect when you are using heat trackers or if he has his wings(from eating Plant Food). His food of choice is books(especially diaries and dictionaries). His head weighs 287 pounds but he does not use that to his advantage unless coincidentally. He has a liking for multi-headed beings and also has a crush on Twin Sunflower.

Friends and Relatives

Relatives: Cold Snapdragon and Bootleg Cold Snapdragon(taken away)


He is like an artichoke; he is hard physically and mentally blocks insults, but is weak emotionally. He only wants to do what's right, but overdoes his anger against such things, thus hating Repeater. His love of Twin Sunflower is a well-kept secret that no one knows, but it drives him when she is around to not do things that she dislikes(and he knows that well) and is the reason why he loves to stare at the Sun with his eyes crossed sometimes.

Likes and Hates


  • Espionage
  • Combat
  • Lava
  • Multi-headed plants(Twin Sunflower especially)


  • Machines(Hides it for Snow Pea though)
  • Ice Age


  • Staring at the sun with his eyes crossed
  • Spying on everyone
  • Lava baths

Combat Info


  • Flame Breath: Short-range standard burning destruction to all near
  • Spark Gun: Rapid-fire fire(lol) incinerates the things they touch
  • Highly Charged Fireball(HCF)- Charges for 1-10 seconds, blue hunk of pure heat that blows up upon contact with a tough enough object.
  • Horn Smash: His heavy head makes this a deadly armor-piercing attack
  • Scale Tough(passive): Ridiculously high armor - both physical AND magical


  • Lower/Higher gravity


  • VERY COLD things(near absolute zero)


"My flame will extinguish yours."

"No one will even know I'm there."

"See? Insanity..."


  • Snapdragon tends to carry a piece of Plant Food with him.
  • Snapdragon sometimes leads spelunking(cave exploring) expeditions.
  • Snapdragon is an ancient being, but has lost his memory and most of his powers.