This is PvzF's plant. Snow Pea is incredibly smart and makes wacky inventions all the time. He is very sensitive when it comes to his diary and is now open about who his crush is, due to the fact that Cactus has told everyone (it's Flaming Pea by the way). He has 3,000 clones and a machine that can make more. He also has a British accent. Underneath all the facts in his mind, he has a small amount of feelings for Power Lily. He also plays the Tuba.
PVZIAT Snowpea

Age (In PlantWood High): Freshplant: 15

Age (Current time): 28



  • Bamboom got a mail that was from flaming pea. It was opposed to be for Snow Pea. Starfruit saw that.


  • Threepeater Left Head (Friend. They both are incredibly smart, although)



Snow Pea is a smart plant. He uses this skill to make strange, random, and useful inventions all the time.

Immune To Persuading

Snow Pea, being very smart, can almost never be persuaded (even by lightning Reed).



Snow Pea melts easily, so too much heat could reduce him to a head in a puddle.



"Yes, yes, fine!"

"I see..."

"Hi, Loon-loom!" (You know who this is said to)


Melted Snow Pea

When Snow Pea is put under immense heat, he will melt. When melted, Snow Pea cannot do much, or anything.

Melted Snow Pea

Snow Pea melted

Evaporated Snow Pea

When Melted Snow Pea is put under extremely immense heat, Snow Pea will evaporate. This allows him to float and phase through walls.

Evaporated Snow Pea

Evaporated Snow Pea

Ghost Snow Pea

The Ghost of Snow Pea only appears in RPs when Snow Pea is killed or dies of any other cause. The Ghost of Snow Pea is similar to the evaporated Snow Pea, only he can posses things and haunt people.

Ghost Snow Pea

Ghost Snow Pea.


Loom-shroom: He and Loom-shroom were enemies from the start. Snow Pea sees her as a psychotic freak who will stop at nothing to kill anyone (except Cabbage-pult and the Mushrooms) in her path.

Repeater: Snow Pea was always bullied and melted and shoved in his locker by Repeater in high school.

his theme

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  • He lives in a Titanium house.
    • However, in early RPs, his house was made of platinum.
  • He has an evil entity of himself called Death Snow Pea
  • He has a female clone called Snowy