Sunflower is one of DZ's main character. 


Sunflower is a very confident girl and she is competitive and head on. She is always nice to her friends and is willing to defend them. She is definitely a great girl with bright personality in her but that doesn't mean she has bad qualities...

Sunflower has shown being sometimes arrogant and overly too confident at times, due to her competitive nature and this is a problem as she can be sassy at times and not socialable...

Sunflower can be irratable and impatient sometimes, ex. such as one day in school, Power Lily dyes the tip of her petals rose violet and Sunflower wants to try one. Power Lily attempted to give instructions but Sunflower refused, saying she can do it on her own. This backfires as she mixes the dyes which corrodes and ruins her petals, much to her horror and sadness.


Sunflower is a sports girl, as she excels at mostly athletics and acrobatics. Captain of the track and run team, she is one of the fastest plants as she managed to complete a mile under 4 minutes (3.43.726). She also shows proficiency in basketcell, soccer, etc. Beeshooter attempts to "out-sport" her but it usually fails. However, Beeshooter is shown to take her down when it comes to heavy weight lifting ("Do you even lift Sun?") but Sunflower says that its not anything athletic and then the two argue...


Sunflower like her game counterpart, is able to produce sun but she has a different use for sun. Like Power Lily, it can be used as a healing source but it has a lot of weaknesses. The sun cannot be used on mushroom plants as it damages them instead of healing, and the sun healing is weak sometimes.