Threepeater is said to be a regular plant who happened to be born with three heads. In reality, he is three triplets who ended up having the same body. They weren't identical and have different personalities but share one mind.


Threepeater likes anything competitive but usually gets disqualified for suspicion of cheating. He also plays the drums as a profession. The middle head prefers to be active than watching and usually jumps into action(as he controls the body and thus I refer to him when I just say Threepeater). The right head is a bad boy and likes to flirt and drink. He can easily sway the middle head. The left head is the smartest and  
PVZIAT Threepeater
never drunk one. The other heads usually place their work on him. The main reason he doesn't dream of controlling the other two heads is that they share the same mind.


  • Fight with each other mentally
  • Play games
  • Invent(Left)

Friends & Relatives

Twin Sunflower- older sister

Repeater- distant relative

Snapdragon- best friend

Split Pea- another friend