There are 6 mechanical parts of the ZZB(Zuber Zombot Boss). The different parts can work by themselves-to an extent.


The head requires the IceBall Generator, the FireBall Generator, and 2 Ace Gargantuar Throwers(one for each Generator) to function properly. It can create A0Bs and Sunballs, but has no other specialties by itself. Also, it is where Dr. Zomboss is to control it, although a Zombot Power Lid can be installed to protect him.


The body of the ZZB is the most relied on/reliant part of it. It is merely a storage for RVs(max limit:8) that the arms can throw. The arms and legs must be attached to the body in order for them to function. If there are no more RVs in the body, then the arms cannot throw RVs. Also, the arms can pick up RVs and place them inside the body.


The arms are very powerful tools that the ZZB uses. The left arm literally creates zombie out of thin air. However, the zombies created by them disappear after an hour of existence. The right arm can throw and reload RVs from the body. Also, both arms must be connected to the body to work. The arms require 10 Giga-Gargantuars each and, for the left arm, the Runed Gravestone.


The legs have the least powers yet is the most important part of the ZZB. It allows the ZZB to move. Also, it can crush plants within a 500-meter radius. To function, each leg must have 12 Giga-Gargantuars. Also, they both must be attached to the body of the ZZB to work.